Cray Seminars Oct '09

Two DSSE Seminars from Cray Inc., Wed 7th and Thursday 8th October 2009, each at 11am

DSSE is pleased to be able to present two seminars from Cray Inc. which is a partner with Monash in an ARC Linkage Project entitled: A scalable debugging framework for petascale computers

Main Seminar - 8th October

Addressing Usability Challenges in Current and Future Supercomputers

Presenter: Dr Luiz de Rose, Programming Environments Director, Cray Inc.

Date and Time: Thursday 8th October 2009 11am-12noon

Place: Seminar Room H7.84, Building H, Monash Caulfield



The scale of current and future high end systems, as well as the increasing system software and architecture complexity, brings a new set of challenges for application developers. In order to achieve high performance on peta-scale systems, application developers need a programming environment that can address and hide the issues of scale and complexity of high end HPC systems. Users must be supported by intelligent compilers, automatic performance analysis tools, adaptive libraries, and scalable software. In this talk I will present the Cray programming environment features that are being developed and deployed to improve user's productivity on Cray Supercomputers. I will also discuss some of the challenges and open research problems that need to be addressed to build the system software for peta-scale systems.


Dr. Luiz DeRose is a Senior Principal Engineer and the Programming Environments Director at Cray Inc, where he is responsible for the programming environment strategy for all Cray systems. Before joining Cray in 2004, he was a research staff member and the Tools Group Leader at the Advanced Computing Technology Center at IBM Research. Dr. DeRose had a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. With more than 20 years of high performance computing experience and a deep knowledge of its programming environments, he has published more than 40 peer-review articles in scientific journals, conferences, and book chapters, primarily on the topics of compilers and tools for high performance computing.

Associated Seminar: 7th October

Using MRNet and StackwalkerAPI to deliver scalable analysis of crashing applications on Cray XT Systems

Presenter: Bob Moench, PE Debugger Development, Cray Inc.

Date and Time: Wed 7th October 2009 11am-12noon

Place: Seminar Room H7.84, Building H, Monash Caulfield



As HPC systems have gotten ever larger, the amount of information associated with a failing parallel application has grown beyond what the beleaguered applications developer has the time, resources, and wherewithal to analyze. The "complete" picture, delivered by a core file for each of tens of thousands of processes, swamps both the hardware and the user's comprehension. Yet the single core file of the original failing process is often not sufficient to study the problem. What is presented here is a middle ground that is both manageable and sufficient.


Bob Moench was a Maths major and has been a software developer at Cray Inc. for 12 years where he has performed extensive work in debugger development. During that time Moench was the designer of the debugging strategy for Cray's Cascade Petascale supercomputer as well as the Cray XT CLE massively parallel processor system and the X1 and X2 vector based supercomputers. These systems differ significantly and cannot make use of off-the-shelf debug technologies. Just as large applications must launch in a scalable way, so too must Debug sessions.

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